Mountains around…

Walking routes – when you look through windows of Misiowa Chata you can see mountains at each side. Of course, the most prominent of them all are Tatra mountains. They are beautiful at all seasons. From the windows and the terrace of our house you can see amazing view of Tatras – all peaks, from Bielskie Tatras to Kasprowy Wierch and Czerwone Wierchy in High Tatras, are visible. When the weather is good, you can watch the peaks through the monocular or binoculars available in the house. Tatras attract enthusiasts of mountain trekking or climbing, but in the high season routes can be really crowded. It is worthwhile to visit Slovakian Tatra regions of Smokowec or Szczyrbske Pleso – there are plenty of routes of various difficulty degrees there.

Local tourist routes – But Tatras are not the only attraction of the region. When you reach the top of Sarnowska Grapa (the path leads up from our gate) you will see a beautiful view on four national parks: Tatrzanski, Babiogorski, Gorczanski and Pieninski. The choice of excursions is virtually unlimited and depends on your condition and fancy.

Basic guides and maps of Tatras and Pieniny are available in the house.



Water from mountains and from underground…

Thermal pools and aquaparks – enthusiasts of warm bathing will certainly be satisfied with excellent, known in whole Poland aquaparks in Bukowina and Bialka, where local thermal springs are used. These are huge complexes with pools, saunas, slides – everyone can find something to his or her liking. You should know that there are aquaparks in Shaflary and at the Slovakian side of Tatras, too.

Float on the river Dunajec – in the summer you must take part in floating on the breakthrough of Dunajec from Sromowce to Szczawnica. This exceptional attraction of Pieninski National Park has been delighting tourists for a hundred years now. You should also see Czorsztyn lake and cross it on a ship from Niedzica to Czorsztyn.

River Bialka – a few minutes walking takes you from the house to the bank of Bialka, flowing in a wide bed full of white stones. When the water is low, it is an ideal place for walking and playing. Several kilometers further there is a nature reserve Bialka Breakthrough with beautiful rock formations and a place for a cold water bath.



We are in Spisz…

Spisz – Not many people know that Czarna Gora and villages located on the east bank of river Bialka up to Niedzica are a part of Spisz, the region whose most part lies in Slovakia. Habitants of the region have their own costumes, traditions and language, which are a mix of mountain culture elements with hungerian and slovakian influences. It’s worthwhile to spend a day to get acquainted with the history and monuments of the region.

Architecture of churches in Frydman, Niedzica, Trybsz, Lapsze and Kacwin is characteristic for Spisz and cannot be seen in any other part of Poland. The church in Debno, built in XVth century, is an interesting object and the castle in Niedzica has a long and intriguing history.

At the Slovakian side you must visit the castle in Stara Lubovla, several kilometers from the border



…and Podhale is just at the other side of Bialka

There is nothing like Podhale – and Podhale means mountain people and exceptionally rich offer of cultural events. All summer long in Tatrzanski poviat numerous contests, festivals, shows and theater performances are held – there is plenty to choose. A lot of events, regional shows, concerts and performances take place in the community centre of Bukowina or na Bani in Bialka – a few minuts by car.

A detailed calendar with an information on what and where you can take part in, is available in the newspaper “Przyjaciel turysty”. You can also find some information of this kind on,gdzie,kiedy/







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