Skies, skies, skies…

Willa Misiowa Chata is situated in the very middle of the biggest in Poland region for winter sports. Several dozen kilometers of ski slopes with various difficulty levels, most modern chairlifts in Poland, t-bar lifts, platter lifts for children and beginners will satisfy every skier or snowboarder. All slopes are lit, artificially snowed up, perfectly prepared. All ski centres offer broad parking areas free of charge, plenty of ski equipment rental shops, skiing schools for grown-ups and children, inns, bars, canteens… Though local skiing conditions cannot be compared with alpine ones, in last several years a unique in Poland huge skiing complex was built, which bears a comparison with alpine ski resorts.

Ski routs around – you can see ski slopes in


Jurgow, on Rusinski Wierch, on Kaniowka, Bania, all the routes on Kotelnica Bialczanska, chair lift on Litwinka and Koziniec in Czarna Gora. You can easily reach the Koziniec chair lift on foot in your ski boots – it is just 300 m to the bottom station.

All the ski slopes in Bukowina Tarzanska and Male Ciche ski station is in not more than a few kilometers distance from Misiowa Chata.

Through the border cross in Jurgow you can quickly reach by car Dolina Bachledowa, which is covered by Tatry-ski common ski pass system with most ski centres in Polish Tatras.

In a little more distance there are ski centres Czorsztyn Ski in Kluszkowice and Palenica in Szczawnica included in Tatra-ski system, too. They also are worth visiting. For those who prefer ski running, there are routes with lengths of 1250 to 4380 m, lit and with good snow conditions.

Detailed information on ski stations in the region, descriptions of slopes, price lists and on Tatry-ski common ski pass system are available on the sites of individual ski stations and on:



If not skiing then…

Ice skating – For enthusiasts of ice skating there are ice rinks in Bialka, Bukowina and in the town square of nowy Targ (with ice skate rental shop).


Ski running – For those who prefer ski running there are well prepared and lit ski running routes with lengths of 1250 to 4380 m in Kotelnica centre.


Thermal pools and aquaparks – Exceptional attraction of the region are open all year long geothermal swimming pools with warm water in Bukowina, Bialka and Szaflary. Bathing in hot pool in the open air, surrounded by snowy mountains will give you unforgettable impressions. All the aquaparks with plenty of pools, slides, saunas and children zones are among the most modern objects in Europe and are certainly worth visiting.

It’s also good to know that in Nowy Targ (10 km from Misiowa Chata) there is a beautiful, roofed, olympic-size swimming pool.


For more detailed information see:



Long winter evenings…

Need not be boring – In winter Bialka, Bukowina and other localities offer a lot of cultural and folk events, which will let you get acquainted with local tradition at its best.

At the beginning of February a spectacular show is held – Mountain Carnival, which is at the same time an all Poland Review of Carol Groups. The event includes additional attractions, like dancing couples’ show, zbójnicki dance contest and two-person sleigh race called “kumoterka”. It should be noted that thanks to this festival Bukowina was entered into the world register of carnival sites, which, among others Rio de Janeiro carnival is listed in.

Detailed calendar of cultural events is available on


In Czarna Gora church during Christmas children local singing ensembles performances are held. The children sing Christmas carols in Polish, Slovakian and local Spisz dialect. Information is placed on billboards.





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