The story of Misiowa Chata (Teddy Bear Cottage)

We’re not mountain people. We are city persons who have always been coming to the mountains for holidays and for skiing. We are fond of Podhale, we value highly people who live here, we have a lot of friends among them and, when in a good company, we even speak local dialect on occasion. We respect local folklore. There Is no other place in Poland where you can see people wearing ceremonial clothes on weddings or church fairs. We even like regional music (just not too loud and aggressive). For many years we have spent our holidays in an old cottage rented from a farmer of Leśnica, a village close to Bukowina.


During our holiday voyages with our children we have visited a lot of countries, beaches, ski stations, hotels. But our children, who are now grown up, when asked about their most favorite holidays, answered in unison “The best were those in Leśnica – walking along a stream, picking up berries, searching for treasures, sleeping in a tent by the house. Our worn out old cottage has nearly fallen to pieces so we had to decide if we are to abandon mountains or build a new house, as noisy hotels, crowdy Zakopane and poky rooms rented in local farmer’s houses are not for us.

And so, step by step, we have put up Misiowa Chata – the holiday place which, we hope, will remain in our grandchildren’s memory, too.


As we still live in a city and can visit Misiowa Chata occasionally only, we would like to share it with you. We will do our best to make the memories of your stay here pleasant.

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Luxury holiday house in Bialka valley for maximum 12 grown up persons and 4 children.


BOOKING: 737 461 137

From 5 to 9 pm



Willa Misiowa Chata

Magdalena Rodak

ul. Nadwodnia 85k, Czarna Góra,

34-532 Jurgów,

NIP 9521866362