Playing room

If you are on holiday with little children, Misiowa Chata is the place just for you. You know just too well that a bored child in a hotel room can really put you in bad mood. At our place, even if it’s raining all day long, children cannot be bored.

We offer a big playing room to all children – small and bigger. The floor covered with floor lining on a foam layer is soft and warm. There are plenty of toys there – dolls, a doll house and a kitchen for girls and a car raceway, a garage for boys. For all the kids there are blocks, puzzles, crayons and a lot of other toys. On the wall there is a place for hanging sketches.

And for parents there are comfortable poufs.

Eating, drinking and wearing outdoor shoes in the play room is strictly forbidden.

All our teddy bears are fond of children and will be delighted to play with them – on the condition however that they will be put back in their place after playing.

We also invite you to read the tab “Attractions”, where you can find information on places in the nearest and further surroundings, that you can visit when the weather is nice.




Luxury holiday house in Bialka valley for maximum 12 grown up persons and 4 children.


BOOKING: 737 461 137

From 5 to 9 pm



Willa Misiowa Chata

Magdalena Rodak

ul. Nadwodnia 85k, Czarna Góra,

34-532 Jurgów,

NIP 9521866362