Teddy bear shelter

Teddy bears have been with us for long.

They were brought from holidays, received as gifts, bought at charity auctions and in the end there was such a big flock, that we had no room for them in our house. They sat crowded in baskets with morose faces. We knew straight away that they would gladly move to the mountain house and therefore as soon as the opportunity had presented itself we arranged the moving.


There were some scuffles during settling – who will sit at the window, who in the basket on the stairs or in the children play room… Finally, they came to agreement and now they look proudly from every corner.

Some of them are so old (over a 100 years) that they very seldom show to people. Well, the age has its rights. What they look like you can see on the pictures in the gallery.

Our teddy bears are fond of companion and they can be played with. They only ask not to be taken outdoor, as they can be lost. They hate cigarette smoke and therefore smoking is not allowed in the whole hose.

If any teddy bear brought to Misiowa Chata for holidays, would like to stay longer – no problem. It will certainly settle down and can be visited next year.

It was teddy bears who gave the name to our house – as they decided to live here it had to be called TEDDY BEAR COTTAGE (MISIOWA CHATA).



Luxury holiday house in Bialka valley for maximum 12 grown up persons and 4 children.


BOOKING: 737 461 137

From 5 to 9 pm




Willa Misiowa Chata

Magdalena Rodak

ul. Nadwodnia 85k, Czarna Góra,

34-532 Jurgów,

NIP 9521866362